The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows. 

But tonight it made me feel like shit.

The fat hate tonight was just too much for me.

I know the show often makes jokes about Mindy’s size, but they are always met with a fierce comeback by Mindy and they come off as empowering rather than degrading.

But not tonight.

They took the woman soley responsible for my fat acceptance and made her a bitter, two dimensional “bad fatty”. Who, when is told to lose weight sneers at the doctor who tells her this to instead lose weight. 

I was SO excited she was on my TV, then I felt like someone slapped me in the face. 

But at the same time i’m glad she’s getting work, and I know that as an actor, you are paid to do what people tell you.

I just wish we lived in a world where Fat Rant would be on tv instead of fat hate. 

I don’t even know. I don’t even want to write about this because it just depresses the hell out of me.

I just really hope Joy comes back and her character gets fat vindication.

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  1. thewomanofkleenex said: I haven’t been watching the show, because on the first episode, there was a joke using Gabourey Sidobe as a fat joke, (ie, “I’m fat, but I’m not Precious fat) and reducing her to a character she played.
  2. fatanarchy said: I feel exactly the same. It hurts when characters i love (and I love that show) are fat haters or get hated on.
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