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Hi, I'm Erin. I'm a fat vegetarian feminist mormon with a penchant for procrastination, hence my time here on Tumblr. I'm often inspired and rarely motivated. I love crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, and most of all, watching good television and movies, then obsessing over them in order to better distract myself from my own miserable life. And I blog at: plussizedpretty.blogspot.ca
READER ADVISORY: This blog is an unfiltered view into my mind, because "I guess I’m just not really living if I’m not 100% honest."
You've been warned.
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& another one #tbt #awkwardphase

Found an old photo album I have in van for some reason. Look at these nerds. #tbt

My favorite form of torture, @loveitorlistitvancouver is back. And so is my sadness at the fact that the city I love more than I could ever love another person is completely impossible for me to ever buy a house in. Look at this amazing colourful character home. That was the value before the reno. Where am I going to put all my dogs I will have one day in a tiny studio in Surrey? UGHHHH I JUST LOVE VANCOUVER SO MUCH.

One of the infinity plus one things I love about Vancouver: TREES. & GREEEEN. And taking the scenic route to work to find them.




Spot Illustration for The Portland Mercury’s Cute Animal Death Watch - an article about invasive species in the Northwest.

Ink, gouache, digital


got fake nails: ripped those suckers off within ten days

got shellac nails: 6 days in and they’re all (mostly) ripped off.

this has been a lifelong problem….pretty much my whole life. I was only made aware of it in grade three, when my teacher was giving me a talking to, and then mid sentence, looked down at my nails in horror and disgust and said “Erin, are you RIPPING YOUR NAILS?! You are, you’re ripping your nails off…” 

and I looked down and sure enough, my fingers were at work tearing away at my nails. I didn’t even notice I was doing it. I literally had to look down to see what he was referring to and I thought “oh, is that what it is?”

I constantly tear them to the point where they bleed. Then once they grow out enough to polish, I try to polish them to motivate myself to not rip anymore. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Eventually I just can’t take it anymore and I have to start ripping them again.

Is this actually a thing? I’ve never confirmed it other than people looking at me in horror when I do it….

I get that it could be a form of self harm…I get the same release I did when I self harmed. but I haven’t found anything to confirm this. other than my current psychiatrist staring at my fingers frantically ripping my nails during every session and never saying anything…

any ideas on how to stop?


So I heard it’s Earth Day


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This is how us white people hatch. Weird cocoons. 


This is how us white people hatch. Weird cocoons. 

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me after my first women’s studies class

Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it everytime.
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Made the most delicious salad tonight. Romaine base, with strawberries, goat cheese and walnuts - balsamic, honey and olive oil drizzled overtop with salt and pepper. Sooo good. Feels like summer in my mouth.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What if Glinda is Emma's sister? Wouldn't that explain why they look so much alike?
fat-erin fat-erin Said:

I’ll take it! (new charming baby perhaps?) But I really want it to be Emma. 


make me choose:
katranga asked: jean-ralphio or mona lisa?”

"hope you brought a change of clothes, ‘cause your eyes are about to piss tears."

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